Slides from talks presentered at ICER 2005.

Oct 1, 9:00 AM Keynote: Portraying Engineering Design Expertise: Empirical Insights Cindy Atman PPT PDF
Oct 1, 10:30 AM What Novice Programmers Don't Know Gary Lewandowski PPTPDF
Oct 1, 11:00 AM Factors Affecting the Success of Non-Majors in Learning to Program Susan Wiedenbeck PPTPDF
Oct 1, 11:30 AM Impact of Alternative Introductory Courses on Programming Concept Understanding Allision Elliott Tew PPTPDF
Oct 1, 1:30 PM Students' Alternative Standards for Correctness Yifat Ben-David Kolikant PPTPDF
Oct 1, 2:00 PM Personalizing and Discussing Algorithms within CS1 Studio Experiences Chris Hundhausen PPTPDF
Oct 1, 2:30 PM Pattern Oriented Instruction and the Enhancement of Analogical Reasoning Orna Muller PPTPDF
Oct 1, 3:30 PM Strategies that Students Use to Trace Code: An Analysis Based in Grounded Theory Beth Simon PPT PDF
Oct 1, 4:00 PM Examining the Role of Self Regulated Learning on Introductory Programming Performance Desmond Traynor PPTPDF
Oct 1, 4:30 PM Software Engineering as a Model of Understanding for Learning and Problem Solving Jackie O'Kelly PPTPDF
Oct 2, 9:00 AM Evaluating Assessments of Novice Programming Environments Paul Gross PPTPDF
Oct 2, 9:30 AM Mulit-Institutional, Mulit-National Studies in CSEd Research: Some Design Considerations and Tradeoffs. Raymond Lister PPTPDF
Oct 2, 10:30 AM Taxonomony of Effortless Creation of Algorithm Visualizations Ari Korhonen PPTPDF
Oct 2, 11:00 AM What Does it Take to Learn "Programming Thinking"? Anna Eckerdal PPTPDF
Oct 2, 11:30 AM Novices' Anticipations and Previous Knowledge of Software Development - Results of a Study with High School Students Carsten Shulte PPTPDF
Oct 2, 1:30 PM An Investigation of Potential Success Factors for an Introductory Model-Driven Programming Course Jens Bennedsen PPTPDF
Oct 2, 2:00 PM What Do Students Know? An Outcomes-Based Assessment System Titus Winters PPT PDF